Meditation and Alpha State

You need to be able to concentrate to will the manifestation of spells.

Exercises for concentration - 1) Light a candle on the table before you. Look (not stare) at the flame for a few minutes. Close your eyes and hold the image in your mind for as long as you can before you conscious mind intrudes. 2) Do the flame exercise once again and once you have the flame in your mind change the size shape and color of the flame. Summon associated images and follow them through. 3) Take a picture, place it at eye level, and follow the directions for 1. 4) Do 3 again, but when you have the picture in your mind, make it move, change it and follow any related imagery through. Also check out the section on Visualization and Relaxation and Grounding.

Notes on Meditation - meditation centers and grounds you. Meditation can teach you many things about yourself, your abilities, and the world around you. Soft wordless music can help in meditation. The fewer distractions the better. Be in a comfortable position, but not one you will fall asleep in. Do not try to meditate when sleepy, you'll just fall asleep. Close your eyes and encircle yourself with protective light, normally white. Use a staircase, a bridge, a cave, or any crossing over symbol you wish to start your trip into a different consciousness. Talk to those you meet if you wish. Try any thing that feels right to you. If at any time you become uncomfortable with what is happening reaffirm the protective light and leave. You can search out and meet your anima/animus this way if you wish. You can even meet a guide. Also check out visualization under the shamanism section.

Alpha State - Close your eyes and center yourself. On a screen of the inside of your forehead see a large red 7. Then count down, seeing the numbers on the inside of your forehead, orange 6, yellow 5, green 4, blue 3, indigo 2, violet 1. Feel each color's vibration. Once you reach violet 1 then keeping the color violet in you mind count backwards from 10-1. Then say to yourself "Now I am in Alpha state all I do will be for the good and harm no one." Do what you wish now, spellwork, concentration manifestations, etc. To leave Alpha state first give yourself a total health clearance by removing everything yucky from your system with your mind (passing a hand across your body and visualizing any stress or illness leaving you works well) then count from violet 1 to red 7. Then count up from 1-10 keeping the red in your mind, take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

To get into instant Alpha, when in Alpha decide upon a sign that you can use to go directly into Alpha with your eyes open (useful for use when driving).

To neutralize threats through use of Alpha State, go into Alpha visualize threats and cross them out with white x´s.