Have as many symbols as possible to help in the manifestation of your rituals. Ideally you should have a room solely for rituals. The basic ritual circle is nine feet in diameter, but that can vary depending on need and space. The circle is for protection against potentially dangerous forces or spirits. Concentration and visualization during casting is what makes determines the value of the circle. Cats and young children can pass through the circle without disrupting the power flow. (Some cats can actually amplify the energy.) There should be no distractions during spellwork. Herbs for spellwork are best cut with the ritual knife/dagger offer herbs used in rituals to nature spirits. Apple cider can be used in place of wine in spells. Always greet and dismiss the spirits that you wish to work with in your spells.

The most common candles used are 6-inch tapers, but any can be used. It is best to let candles you use in spellwork burn all the way out. You can do this over a period of days. NEVER leave a burning candle unattended and never burn candles on or near flammable substances.

When using stones the dominant color prevails. Handle stones often till you become attuned to them. You should keep them in a cloth bag large enough to get your hand in. It is best to have four of each color. Black or dark blue cloth will show the stones off best. Use a mixture of colored crystals in colors relating to the spell to get the best manifestation.

The mystic numbers are 3,5,7,9, and 13. 3 is the number of balance. 13 is the traditional size of covens. The numbers for the Sun are 1&4, Moon 2&7, Jupiter 3, Mercury 5, Venus 6, Saturn 8, and Mars 9.