Magickal names

Magickal names are very personal things and come to each person differently. I just knew what name to use, but I have known others that have taken a year to find the right one. Names really do in many ways define a person. Think of all the names you have had in your life, nick names, gaming names, work names, etc... I myself have the name I was given at birth, the name I chose to call myself, the name my guides call me, various nicknames some of which I have forgotten there have been so many, my magickal name, my married name, two vision names, etc... Each name works off of a different aspect of yourself. Say you are Sally Jones. Friends might call you Sal, acquaintances might call you Sally, co-workers might call you Mrs. Jones. To your children's friends you are Jonny's mom or Auntie or Mrs. Jones. Each image is a little different and you act differently when addressed by it.

So in your life you will have many names. You may even get special names given to you specifically in visions from the spirit world. In time you may grow out of the name you first pick as your magickal name. Nothing is unchangeable, so do not worry about the permanence part of it. All you will do is make yourself nervous that way.

Magickal names are what the spirit world knows you as. It can be a name that specifically describes you as you see yourself now, or it can be a name that you want to grow into as time passes, a name that describes traits you wish to learn. It can be a set of sounds that is specifically pleasing to you, or a name of a God or Goddess you feel drawn to. It can even involve the name of a person that you look up to or a name whose meaning you feel drawn to. A magickal name has a different source for each person.

A good way to start is to make a list of colors, crystals, gems, weather, seasons, times of day, animals, places, times, trees, roles, Gods, Goddesses, etc... that mean something special to you. Just list them all down and don't worry if any are silly. Then read through your list and see what calls to you and what doesn't. That should help you at least get some sense of what you are actually drawn to. Then it would probably be a good idea to go out and meditate on what your search has pointed you towards and see if it doesn't form up into the right name for you at this time.