Teaching Stories

Which God is the "Right" God?

In your mind envision a deep dark wood. In the center of the wood is a glade. That glade is deity (God/Goddess/whatever you wish to call it). There are many paths through this wood. Some are straight and narrow. Some are wide and well traveled. Some are almost hidden they are so tiny. Some wind around enjoying the scenery. Some stop and then start up again. Some go through thorn bushes and into ravines. What really matters though is that all the paths eventually lead to the center of the woods, to the glade, to deity. As long as you pick a path, walk it and have faith you will eventually reach the center of the wood.

Good and Bad Magick?

Imagine that the force behind magick is a river. If someone was walking by the river and scooped up some water and watered a thirsty plant with it most people would say that was good. However if that person took the same scoop of water and poured it over someone's head on a freezing cold day just because it looked like fun most people would say that was bad. Remember now this is exactly the same scoop of water as before. Obviously it is not the water that is good or bad. It's just water, just like magick is just magick. It is the intentions of the person scooping the water or casting the spell that determine whether the outcome will be positive of negative.

Dimensions, Planes, Alternate Realities, oh My!

In your mind visualize an onion. Cut through the onion sideways so you can see all of the rings. Imagine the universe we live in is one of those layers. There are many other layers, some close to us, some farther away. Some we have some contact with some we will never contact at all. These worlds contain all the possibilities that exist, have existed or ever will exist. We are just one of the possibilities. For example, one of the rings touching us is the faerie world. Through astral travel and our dreams we can try to visit all the different worlds.

A View of Death

Picture a balloon, full of air, able to bounce around, big and bold and beautiful.

When its time is over, it goes down, either with a bang all at once (like an accident) or very slowly over time (like an illness.) Finally, all the air is gone. The balloon is different, it is flat and lifeless. The breeze doesn't bounce it about any more because the air has gone.

But what has happened to the air? No longer stuck inside the balloon, it has spread and caught a breeze and moved on, free at last.