Magickal Tools

You do not need any tools to do magick, just your ability to visualize. However many people feel the need to use tools in their ceremonies. The following are some of the most common magickal tools.

Altar - table of a comfortable height large enough to hold all equipment. Does not need to be used only for rituals.

Cauldron - an all purpose tool, should have bail handle, black cast iron is best, three legs if possible

Pentagram - an encircled five pointed star with one point up, can be inscribed (even invisibly) on doors and windows to stave off evil. Pentacle = pentagram engraved or painted on a metal or wooden disk.

Wand - made of wood preferably made by the one who will use it (if not should be filled with magician's energy before first use), should be no longer than your forearm, a charming tool, Air.

Staff - of wood preferably made by the one who will use it (if not should be filled with magician's energy before first use), at least shoulder height, symbol of magical knowledge and right to petition deities or archetypal powers, Air.

Headband/Armband - represents personal male/female energies you work with, women normally wear silver or silvertone with moon symbols, men normally wear gold or gold tone with sun symbols, personal spirit talismans.

Goblets - any size, shape, and composition, Water.

Incense Burner/Incense - incense used depends on spell, Fire.

Dagger - the blade should be no longer than your hand, normally double edged with black hilt, must be sharpenable and preferably new (if previously owned make sure its not negatively charged by taking it inside the circle, sprinkling it with consecrated water and running it through incense smoke), used to cut herbs, carve candles, etc., Fire.

Sword - a tool of command, not often used, but necessary for certain spells, any length/style, should be easy to handle.

Candles/Candle Holders - Air, Fire, should have white, red, yellow, blue, green as basics, also needed for different spells are black, pink, orange, purple, brown, magenta, indigo, gold, and silver.

Herbs - Earth, combinations depend on spell.

Food and drink - often cakes and ale or wine, but can be anything, cookies and milk, apple juice and a sandwich, (I've heard faeries like milk and honey and ginger) etc... The idea is to share a meal with the powers you have called to your ritual at some point during it. Leave some leftovers to be put outside as an actual physical offering after the ritual.

Crystals/Stones - both are asked for in various spells, use for colors or for the qualities of the crystals themselves. You will need white, black, gray, brown, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (or lavender), and clear Quartz crystals, preferably 4 of each.

Robe - plain or decorated of any style you are comfortable with, preferably various different robes of different colors, or you may go skyclad.

Cords - you will need various different colored round cords for various reasons (gathering power or as the catalyst of the spell).

Miscellaneous Items - things like thread, paper, leaves and sticks, relatively easy to procure. Divinatory aids, such as tarot cards, fit under this category.

Magical Name - never to be revealed to another unless you are working with another well-respected magician, strengthens your bond with the spirit world. Often chosen for what you want to be, like Brave Eagle for someone who is shy, or for something you relate to or like, for instance Purple Rose for someone who like purple and has always been drawn to roses. The name of a God or Goddess you would like to be like is also not uncommon.