I am the mother of two beautiful sons. My husband and I have decided to raise our children with open minds so that when they are old enough they can responsibly choose their own path. I admit that my beliefs do come through, that's only natural, but I make sure to teach them that there are other choices and always give them a range of what different people think about different topics.

I set up this pagan family section to have a place to put certain important life ceremonies as well as to provide support and information to those who are trying to raise happy and healthy children in a pagan way. In doing so I hope to learn as much as I help (hopefully more <grin>).

I am hoping this section will grow a lot. If you have anything that you feel would help this page, please contact me at Wyldkat@rampant-griffon.net and I will do my best to get it up.

Pagan Family Sections:

Life Rituals and Ceremonies

Telling Your Family and Friends

Teaching Your Children About Sex

Sexuality, Family Planning and Birth Control

Pregnancy and Birth



Abortion and Options

Thoughts on Raising Pagans

Teaching Children About This Path

Poetry and Prayers for Little Ones

Children and Animal Guides

My Series of Children's Books

Death and Dying