First off abortion is not and should not be a means of birth control, especially not when there are much safer less painful (both emotionally and physically) ways to prevent having children. Whether or not to continue a pregnancy is each woman's choice, however, I believe abortion should be a last resort in most cases. There are so many families out there that desperately want children, if you can, please consider giving the child up for adoption. There are loving homes out there. Also by the time you go through the pregnancy you may have decided that you are ready and that it is time for you to have a child of your own.

It is well known that there is psychological backlash from abortions for many of the women who have them. If you do choose to have an abortion for whatever reason make sure that you have come to that decision freely, that it is your choice, not one that others are forcing on you. Think about how you will feel in ten years on the day that would have been your child's birthday. Will you be able to deal with those emotions? I am not trying to be cruel. These are things that will come up and should be considered before you finalize anything.

If you do decide to go through with it, please go to a reputable medical facility. It would not be a bad idea to do a ritual explaining to yourself and the spirit world why you have made this decision and asking for help, support and comfort during this time. If at all possible make sure that you have a person you can depend on during this time that will be supportive and non-judgmental.