Pregnacy and Birth

Bringing new life into this world is a miracle and a joy. It is also a natural process, not a condition to be diagnosed, tested and treated. I really recommend that any woman who is interested in having children start reading about it when they are young. The more you know about the process the better off you will be. If you are educated you will be less likely to be scared unreasonably. You will also be less likely to let yourself be pushed into tests and procedures that you do not feel comfortable with.

I believe in educated childbirth. Sometimes medical intervention is necessary, but not always. Be glad that we live in an age where medical science can help save the lives of mothers and children when it is necessary. Whatever method you choose, obstetrician or midwife, home birth, birthing center or hospital, be informed. Know your options; learn how to stand up for what you want and don't want, but don't let yourself be blind to good, informed advice. You might want to look into the option of working with a doula as well.

Get all your immunizations before you plan to become pregnant. Stop drinking and smoking (if you do) before you start to try to get pregnant. I also suggest finding and meeting with either the midwife or doctor you will be working with before you get pregnant. If you had a surprise pregnancy, congratulations! Very rarely does everything go exactly as we wish it would, but we should still appreciate our gifts. Eat well. Rest. Enjoy as best you can. Through it all remember that you will have a baby after all of this.

If you have older children it is a good idea to share with them the fact that you are pregnant early on. It will give them more time to get used to the idea and if you involve them in the process they will learn a lot about the cycle of life and hopefully a respect for it as well. There is no reason to no be honest and clear with them about what is going on. Most children will understand simple explanations and a real answer will get fewer questions than a "stork" explanation. If you make the process seem natural to them when they are young hopefully they will be able to avoid hang-ups about it later in life.

One idea for help during birth is to make a birthing pouch filled with items that bring you comfort and remind you of your goal to keep with you and hold during your labor. Something a friend of mine did was to choose and bless once candle to burn during each month of her pregnancy and then a special one for during labor.

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