Original Series of Children's Books

I am in the process of creating a series of pagan friendly children's books, or perhaps a more appropriate phrase is family books. Each is based on answering a question that a child would ask. They are meant to be read with children, not to children. They are meant to bring up more questions, opening the floor up to what I hope will be a learning experience for both adult and child.

Each book will be hand made, originally illustrated and cloth bound with a personalized cover. They are totally handmade, even printed on my own computer. You will have a choice of fabric color and fabric paint color at no extra charge. In addition the child's name can be printed on the cover at no extra charge as well. The charge for the books is $10 plus $3.50 shipping and handling in the U.S. Shipping costs for international orders will be worked out on a case by case basis.

The majority of the books will not be specifically pagan, but rather will address questions relevant to all children and will be written from a non-Christian centered point of view. However I will be making a few that are specifically pagan, for instance, "What Is a Witch?" and "What Is a Ritual?"

The first book in the series is currently in publication. It is titled, "What Does Different Mean?" It is a discussion about how people's differences can help one another. It is told through the eyes of a puppy who asks his father about some teasing he had witnessed at school. Here is a line from the book, "... I guess if everyone was exactly alike life would not be very interesting."

Here is what some of the first families to have "What Does Different Mean?" had to say about it:

"I love it! My daughter was very pleased that her name was on the cover, too. She made me read it to her two times in a row. Then I asked her how all her friends were different from her, and she went on and on. The book helped open the lines of communication about a serious subject. I liked how you were able to take an important issue and break it down in words and concepts that a kid could understand. Good job! I can't wait for "What is a Witch?"

I liked it, and Sarah has her favorite dog bookmarked - she was so thrilled that it said Sarah on the front! I like the way you have pictures on one side and words on the other, so that kids who aren't reading yet can tell what's happening anyway, and have something to look at while they're being read to. The pictures are wonderful - very well done and very well-related to the story line. And you explain people's fears about those who are different without coming off as judgemental.

If you are interested in purchasing one or more of my books or in placing your name on an email list to be contacted when a new book comes out, please contact me at "Wyldkat@rampant-griffon.net.