Thoughts on raising Pagans

When working with little ones, you need to work at their comprehension level (I'm sure you know that) which makes some of the exercises that adults use a bit difficult to say the least. One thing you can start with that will help both of you are the visualization exercises . They will also have the nice effect of strengthening the little one's concentration time. Try to involve them in what you do, including rituals. Do your ritual with the adults when they are too little to sit through it and then later do a ritual just with them that is simple enough for them to understand and enjoy. Enjoyment is the important part. If they enjoy it they are more likely to be interested in learning about it.

Take them outside and teach them to enjoy nature. It is so much healthier to be outside in a park than at home stuck in front of the TV. Teach them to notice the little things. Look for bird's nests. Try to find the anthill that the ants are coming from. Look at the reflections in a puddle. There is so much that nature can teach us, children give us even more of a reason to go out and learn.

Actually things like this are often easier with children since they do not have a lot of the misconceptions that adults do and are more willing to trust their feelings. If you find anything that works for you, let me know. I am always looking for more information for this section.

Also, even if you are not Wiccan or amazingly Goddess oriented I truly recommend "Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions." It is a wonderful book that deals with all sorts of stuff like holidays, rites of passage, the elements, etc... in terms that are easy for kids to understand and enjoy. It also has lots of great recipes and crafts.