A miscarriage is a very painful thing. Especially if you want a child very badly. Miscarriages happen because the baby is not viable. If a miscarriage is going to happen there is nothing you can do to stop it, it is just not time for you or that baby to experience a birth.

You will probably feel guilty, but there is no need to be. You will probably look for a reason why it happened. What did you do wrong? What could you have done better? Unless you were doing things that are totally against all medical suggestions, like say being a hard core drug addict, there was almost certainly nothing that you could have done to cause or to prevent it and even if you are a hard core drug addict that is still probably not the cause. That one little drinking binge did not cause it. The artificial sweeteners did not cause it either, nor did the exercise.

After a miscarriage you will probably be very emotional. This is because your body is still running with pregnancy hormones and needs to get itself back into balance. Don't be afraid to ask your friends for support. You deserve it; you just lost a baby. It is not wrong to acknowledge that you were pregnant and lost a child. You are not less of a woman or a mother because of it. I read about a woman who had eight miscarriages and then carried a baby to term.

You might want to consider having a naming ceremony to help bring a sense of closure. If you have family or friends that understand you can ask them to attend. How elaborate you want it to be is up to you. Something as simple as naming the lost baby and wishing it well on its journey may be enough for some. Others may wish to have others bring naming wish gifts and include a burial. It is up to the mother to decide what is appropriate for her if a ceremony is wanted.