Teaching Children About Sex

I think a lot of how our children deal with the issue of sexual relations has to do with what their early childhood education on the subject was. If sex is treated like something mysterious and "grown-up" then kids will be drawn to it like flies. However if children are taught by their parents in a loving environment what sex involves both physically (medical manuals are great!) and emotionally (something that really tends to be glossed over in sex ed. classes) they will stand a better chance of standing up to peer pressure on the subject. They should be taught that no birth control is 100% effective and that if they are not emotionally mature enough to go into a store and buy condoms and financially secure enough to afford to raise a child (and tell them in detail how much it costs. A trip to the store and a look and diapers and an explanation of how many diapers a baby goes through in comparison to their allowance is a good start) then they shouldn't be thinking about sex. Explain diseases to them. Back to that medical manual again. Don't try to gloss over the nastiness of them either. If children can handle video games they can handle reality, especially since some of those videos games are much more gruesome than reality. Explain that it is a matter of respect for themselves and for their partner. If they truly love someone and respect them then they will not have sex with them until they are both physically, emotionally and financially ready to handle the results. Explain that they always have a choice. They can always say no and have that word respected by their partner. If they are not given that choice or it is not respected then it is rape and the police should be called.

For some odd when it comes to sex and to children adults just have trouble being as upfront as they can be with other adults. Not talking to your children about this subject will NOT protect them from it. People are much too touchy about the subject of sex and children. If children are taught about it matter of factly and understand that it is about love and maturity and readiness and respect not just about being "grown-up" then they will be much more likely to keep their heads about them.