Telling Your Family

Your choice in beliefs is a very important and personal one. It is also a choice I feel that you should feel comfortable sharing with your family. I know in many cases this is hard. It was hard in my case. It still is at times. However, hiding something makes it suspicious. It makes it seem like something that NEEDS to be hidden, which it shouldn't be and isn't. Not only that, but a good portion of a pagan path is about trust. You need to be able to trust yourself to be able to trust that any spellwork you do will work. If you are in the habit of lying to yourself, your family or your friends how will you be able to trust in what you do when you can't trust your own word?

How to tell them.... First do you feel they will react negatively or are you just unsure of how to discuss it with them? In either situation the best way to deal with it is to know your subject well and know why you are interested in learning about it. If you are not sure if you want to follow this path, but are interested in learning about various different religions, tell them so. Show them this site, specifically What Paganism Is and Is Not, and, particularly What is Wicca and Wicca FAQ. Let them read the message boards there. Let them read some of Herne's Ramblings. If they have any questions you can't answer yet have them ask me. I am always happy to answer questions and help ease people's minds about this path.

Whatever you do be calm. Don't get defensive or angry if they react in a way that you do not like. Think about it from their point of view. Odds are the most they know about paganism, Wicca or shamanism is a mismatch of rumors like it is satanic or a cult. All they want to do is protect you and keep you from doing something that might hurt you. Reassure them that it's not like that and show them why. Always demonstrate why with your own actions. And be patient. It may take them awhile to accept your decision. They may never accept it, but it is better that it be out in the open rather than festering like some dark secret. View whatever happens as a lesson and look for what you can learn from it.

Whatever you do, do not bring it up when they are in a bad mood. Common sense, but it is still worth reminding.