Thoughts on raising Pagans

Having children is a big step in a person's life. One of the things that you have to think about is how you are going to raise this beautiful new human to become a respectful and strong member of the society. Part of the benefits of organized religions is that they have a set moral system for parents to raise their children with. The Ten Commandments are a wonderful example of such a system.

Paganism also has a very good and strong moral system, but it is a bit more flexible. The simple rules of Wicca, "Do as you will and it harm none" in conjunction with the threefold law are a wonderful basis for teaching a child morals. Paganism also strongly supports teaching respect for all living things which is something I believe that a lot of people today have forgotten.

We do not have the recourse of answering "Because the Bible says so" or "Because it's a sin" when our children ask us questions that are not easy to answer. Instead we should try to find an answer that they can understand at their age. This can be hard, but often children will be satisfied with the simplest explanations.... sometimes not, but you can always hope.

Another difficulty that pagan parents can run across is society's views of their choice of raising their child with a non-mainstream belief system, not to mention their family's opinion of it in many cases. The thing that will make it easiest is a well-behaved, happy and respectful child. No one can continue to insist that you are a bad parent when there is a happy, healthy, respectful little pagan running around as living proof that you are doing a good job of raising your child.

Then of course there is school, especially around Halloween and Christmas. Most teachers will be open to a parent explaining their beliefs so that their child will not feel insulted or left out of the festivities. And if the school system is not something you want for your family, there is always the choice of home-schooling your children. That is a big step however, so make sure you research it well before you decide on it.