Questions And Answers

Q: Do you worship Satan?

A: This is a common piece of misinformation about this path. Most pagan beliefs do not even have a "Satan" concept and shamanism is no exception. In other words, no. The vast majority of people who follow a pagan path do not believe in the devil at all. Those that do do so only because they incorporated it into their beliefs from Christianity for their own reasons. I have a page up on what paganism is and isn't, just click here to see it.

Q: I want to follow this path, but just can not seem to be able to tell my family. What should I do?

A: Please see my page on Telling Your Family. I have an entire section about this because I feel it is very important.

Q: I can't seem to meet my animal guide, do you have any suggestions?

A: The first thing you have to learn, and learn well, is patience. It is an absolute necessity when dealing with the spirit world. Spirits do things of their own accord and in their own time.

My suggestion is to do a visualization where you are in a natural environment and call for your guide to come and meet you (ask nicely of course). If it feels you are ready it will come. It might not. Your guide knows what you are ready for. If it does not think you are ready to meet it it will not appear. That doesn't mean you should stop trying. Keep trying every so often. The spirit world works in it's own way and time, so remember to be patient.

Q: I can't seem to concentrate enough to meditate. Is there anything that will work for me?

A: Try the visualization exercises. They will help you improve your ability to concentrate inside rather than outside. Also when attempting to do a visualization or meditation or ritual have the place as peaceful as possible. That means no ringing phones, screaming kids etc... Try headphones with either drumming, white noise, or really soothing music turned on low that you won't want to sing along with. Also pick a comfortable position. A foot falling asleep is another really good way to break your concentration. And don’t try to meditate when you are sleepy, all you will do is fall asleep.

I would also suggest trying to enter Apha State. It can really help your concentration levels.

Q: How do I meet people in my area and find someone nearby to teach me?

A: There is a listing of pagans from around the world at and You might be able to meet people in your area that way. As for a teacher, one will come when you are ready. Look, but be careful. There are a lot of crackpots out there. If someone offers to teach you and you get any bad vibes, get out of there. If they want you to start doing spells right away, get out of there. If they have a high horse attitude, get out of there. etc.... A teacher should have a sense of humor and be willing to work with you, not force you along their path. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions, or to ask someone to teach you for that matter. Most people will not say I am a teacher, let me teach you. Part of learning is finding the right questions to ask, after all.

Q: What does my guide (or any animal in general) symbolize?

A: The meaning that you find in your guide is what matters more than what anyone can tell you. Different animals mean different things to different people. No two people you ask will give you the same meaning for an animal.

I suggest you take a look at They have a really good animal listing there.

Q: Do you do dream interpretations?

A: I do not do dream interpretation because dreams are much too personal. If you ask ten people to make a picture of a bat in their mind you will get ten different interpretations based on the person's different views. This makes interpreting someone else's dream difficult at best. If my concept of what a bat is is different than yours my interpretation of your dream of a bat could be totally wrong.

A simple way to interpret your own dreams is to find the Title, Theme, Affect and Question. In giving your dream a title you give yourself insight into the meaning of the dream. The same goes for the theme, which is just a short phrase that describes the dream. Affect is the emotional tone or impact of the dream and Question is understanding the Question the dream is asking. "Almost" every dream asks a question. The act of formulating that question will give it's own interpretation of the dream. The whole concept is based that dreams are highly subjective and can only be interpreted based on the "feeling" that you obtain from them.

Q: What is the difference between Wicca, paganism and shamanism? Can I practice them together?

A: Shamanism is a type of paganism, just as Wicca is. Paganism is a general term for those who follow non-mainstream, older types of belief systems.

Wicca is a religion recognized by the United States government that generally believes in a triple goddess and a god which are normally seen as manifestations of a neutral creative force. Often Wiccans practice witchcraft or spellwork, but not always. They have ritual ceremonies and often belong to groups called covens.

Shamanism is a term for a very earth based type of belief, commonly found among tribal people around the world. It deals with the idea of a spirit world that can be accessed through trances as well as animal guardian sprits and the powers of nature. A shamanistic tradition that most people have heard of is that of the Native Americans.

You do not have to be a shaman to practice shamanism techniques in your life. They can help anyone. Each person follows their own path and should practice what feels best to them. There is no reason why Wicca and shamanism should not or could not be mixed. It is totally up to the person in question as to whether or not they would want to.

Q: I'm interested in Wicca. How should I get started?

A: If you are interested in Wicca what you should do is read. (do you get the point?) Read anything and everything that you can find about it that interests you. There is a lot of good information on the web and there are inexpensive books if you look. Even your local library might be able to help out.

Whatever you do don't jump into any religion or path if you are not sure that it is what you want. Be able to write spells before you try to cast them. Be sure that you can handle the results. I suggest studying for at least a year before you commit. It proves to you your dedication to the path and it lets you have a strong background and understanding before you try anything.

Q: Will you give me a spell to make someone fall in love with me? (Also:) Why don't you have more spells on your website?

A: I do not give out things like that and I have a good reason for not giving them out. The reason is that they are quite unethical and go against the rules "And it harm none do as you will" and "that which you do unto others returns to you threefold." These are two of the main tenets of Wiccan belief. If you put a love spell on someone you will be forcing him or her to do something that they do not necessarily want to do. That is harmful. Also would you like to be forced to love someone that you donut? Probably not, huh? Sounds a little different when it's put that way.

Also what if it backfires and they fall madly in love with whomever they're spelled to and that person can't get rid of them? They become a total nuisance, fawning all over them and refusing to leave them alone. That wouldn't be much fun either, would it? Also that which you do will come back to you threefold, that means three times, if you weren't sure. Do you really want to be in a situation where you are forced to do something against your will with something as important as your heart to three times the extent you made someone else?

Besides that spells other people give you have their own feeling behind them. Perhaps you don't totally understand exactly what the spell is saying and you end up with results you hadn't wanted? If you need to ask someone else for spells then you are not ready to do them. When you learn enough you will be able to write your own spells and know exactly what you are asking for and hopefully know enough to be able to deal with the results.

Instead of love spells, perhaps you should try to make yourself more loveable. Or do a spell to let you be open to love in your life. Think about the cause. Why are you looking for a specific spell? What is it in your life that needs work?

Spells aren't things to be toyed with. Unless you know what you are doing and figure out all the consequences and whether or not you are ok with them you should not even THINK of doing spellwork. That's one of the reasons most people want newcomers to study for a good bit of time (normally at least a year and a day) before trying any.

I'm sorry if this sounded a bit rough, but that's the way it is. Bad things can happen when you use spells and are not ready to. If you can't write your own then you are not ready use spells. It's as simple as that. Most people with any real experience with spellwork will not just hand out spells. It's for our sake as well as yours. If you do a spell and it came from me and something bad happened of it, I might get some of the backlash. Not something I look forward to, if you understand what I mean. That is why I have very few spells on my site. The only ones I have up are ones that I feel are very basic and have no hidden agendas behind them. They are up as a sample of what spells are like so that people can learn to make their own.