All sites listed in alphabetical order in each category. If a site suits more than one category it will (hopefully) be listed in all the appropriate categories.

The Spiritual Nexus has been created for Witches, Wiccans, Pagans of all kinds, to come together and form friendships, and learn and support one another. Or for all those who follows a spiritual path and wishes to learn more.

Shamanism Sites

Animal Totem (a decent list of guides even if it is a store)

Shamanisme et Religion Celte (contains a French version of many of the articles on this site. Translated by Shaman LizardKing)

Toltec Spirit (a site on Toltec Shamanism drawn from the book "The Four Agreements" don Miguel Ruiz)

Druidry Sites

Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship (a druid group, good info)

Cuplan's Meade-Hall (explains the Bardic path)

Isaac Bonewit's Homepage (info on Druidism and witchcraft, including songs!)

The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (neat site, cool interactive section, good info)

Asatru Sites

Asatru Folk Assembly (a great site for people who want to learn about Asatru)

General Pagan and Wiccan Sites

The Celtic Connection (A great site, it has a bit of everything. I wrote up their information on Shamanism and animal guides)

Circle Sanctuary (Selena Fox's site, good info)

Covenant of the Goddess (some good info about the basics, a special section for teens)

Elspeth's Pagan Cottage (good info on paganism, herbs and parenting)

House Shadow Drake (a very large and comprehensive site dealing with Celtic, traditional witchcraft and Neo-Pagan themes)

The Pagan Library (lots of rituals, stories, e-books, etc...)

The Pagan Pride Project Website (great resources page with print out info for schools and employers among other things)

The Wiccan and Pagan Times (articles, rituals, book reviews, music reviews, recipes, you name it!)

The Witches Voice (has listings of pagans world wide among other things)

Other Pagan Based or Pagan Friendly Sites

Alternative Religions Educational Network (lots of legal info and basic background info) (A Modern Herbal, first published in 1931, by Mrs. M. Grieve, contains Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folk-Lore of Herbs.)

Community Seed (a Santa Cruz based group that holds open circles, meditations walks and beach clean ups to name a few things)

The International Pagan Pride Project (a site dedicated to raising awareness of paganism as a valid belief system)

Old Ways: A Journal of the Craft in a Modern Age online pagan zine

Spiral Nature (An informative site concerning philosophy, spirituality and the occult. LOTS of info.)

Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica (mainly ceremonial magick)

The Universal Life Church (Legal ordinations for any denomination)

Witches and Pagans (a pagan magazine I have subscribed to in the past)

Pagan Family and Kids Sites

Mothering: The Natural Family Living Magazine (about attachment parenting)

Spiral Scouts (A pagan scout organization)

Gingerbread Grandma's Cauldron (a good site, lots of stories, crafts and recipes)

The Pooka Pages (lots of good kids stuff, printable pages, etc.)

Homeschooling Sites

A to Z Home's Cool (LOTS of stuff)

The Homeschool Connexion (an online zine written for and by homeschoolers)

National Home Education Network (very extensive homeschooling site)

Sites About Different Beliefs

Ancient to Medieval History, Lore, Magic, & Myths

The Internet Sacred Text Archive (amazing amounts of information on all sorts of different religions and beliefs)

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (a must see site, LOTS of information on all sorts of different beliefs)

Gods and Goddesses (yup, that says it all....)

Craft Oriented Sites, both pagan and non

Family Crafts from (lots of good crafts for different ability levels)

Michael's Art and Crafts Store (Great craft suggestions!!!)

Offray, the world's most beautiful ribbon (instructions on how to make bows and ribbon crafts) (lots of Sculpey clay projects)

Suggested Reading

As for books..... Read what interests you and read a lot. That is one of the best ways to learn about any pagan path. Check out your local library. A lot of what I've read comes from there and I can't remember the names of all of them. Also check out used bookstores and garage sales. You never know what you'll find! What follows is a short selection of books that I recommend.

Animal Magick by D.J. Conway (has good animal lists)

Awakening Spirits by Tom Brown Jr.

Celtic Magick by D.J. Conway (a good beginner's book)

The Complete Art of Witchcraft by Sybil Leek (a good history and concept book)

Dancing Shadows by Aoumiel (a pagan's perspective of Western religious history)

The Eagle's Quest by Fred Alan Wolf (A physicist's personal study and "explanation" of shamanism. Great for those of us who are scientifically minded, but I wouldn't suggest it if you aren't a science buff.)

Earth Prayers From around the World: 365 Prayers, Poems and Invocations for Honoring the Earth edited by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon (a wonderful compilation, especially if you want to introduce Prayer to your children)

The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz (a book on Toltec shamanism, strongly recommended)

Jude's Herbal Home Remedies by Jude Williams (If you are interested in herbal home remedies that work, this is a good book to get started with.)

North Star Road By Kenneth Johnson (a compare and contrast book or shamanism and other pagan practices, with some good historical information)

Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman by Malidoma Patrice Some' (This is an autobiography and tells of his life growing up with the Dagara tribe and then being abducted by the English colonials and being trained by them to become a priest. It then goes on to describe how he managed to rejoin his culture and learn the ancient ways of his tribe. Not a how to book, but a very good read with some interesting information about a shamanic practice that isn't well known.)

Secrets of Shamanism by Jose and Lena Stevens (if you can find it, get it!)

Shamanic Wisdom by Dolfyn (a good book for beginners, but written a bit simply)

The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess by Starhawk (A classic and a must read)

Spirit Song: The Introduction of No-Eyes by Mary Summer Rain (This entire series is a very good leson in the concepts of shamanism written so you can see through the student's eyes)

The Winter Solstice: The Sacred Traditions of Christmas by John Matthews (Finally a seasonal book that actually goes into the ancient celebrations. Not exactly a pagan book, but I recommend it highly for anyone who wants to learn more about the Winter Solstice.)


I personally believe that anyone who follows a path even slightly based in witchcraft should read the Malleous Mallefecarum. It is the book about the witch trials and how they were conducted, written at the time by the people in charge of the trials. It is a true eye opener and not for the squeamish. You can find it in University libraries and possibly in large public ones.

Suggested Reading for Kids

If you know of any children's books that you think should be on this list please let me know.

All I See Is A Part Of Me by Chara M. Curtis.

'Circle Round: raising children in Goddess traditions' (an absolute must! Very Goddess oriented, but I'm not a major Goddess person and I still love it.)

Dear Children of the Earth: a letter from home by Schim Schimmel (a bit preachy, but cute)

The Dragon and the Unicorn by Lynne Cherry (a bit preachy, but cute)

Earth Prayers From around the World: 365 Prayers, Poems and Invocations for Honoring the Earth edited by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon (a wonderful compilation, especially if you want to introduce Prayer to your children)