This section was made to help people on their path if they choose to include magick in that path. The spells that are on these pages are there as examples of different types of well-written spells from the simple to the complex. I do not give out spells, so please don't ask.

I suggest that no one try spellwork until they are able to write their own spells and have studied their path for at least a year. There is a good reason for this. First of all if you wait and study you will be sure that this is the path you want to take. Also you will have learned enough to understand the possible consequences of casting spells.

Everything in this world and the spirit world is interconnected. Spells that you do affect more than just you and your part of this cosmos. Think of the universe as a pond and a spell as a stone. If you throw the stone into the pond (i.e. cast a spell) it causes many ripples and as the ripples hit the shore they bounce back into the ripples coming after them. Whenever you do spellwork there are consequences.

Most people with any real experience with spellwork will not just hand out spells. It's for our sake as well as yours. If you do a spell and it came from me and something bad happened of it, I might get some of the backlash. Not something I look forward to, if you understand what I mean. Besides that spells other people give you have their own feeling behind them. Perhaps you don't totally understand exactly what the spell is saying and you end up with results you hadn't wanted?

Before you use a spell to fix something in your life, look at your life. What are you doing that is causing this problem? It can be painful, but most things do stem from our action or reactions. Fix your life first. Use spells as an aid, but don't expect them to work if you do nothing to help change your life.

For example, a love spell, even a general one to bring love into your life.... what if it's there and you just won't accept it? What if you have such low self-esteem that you don't think anyone would want you or that you are too scared to ask someone out? Work on that, not love. Love would be for later when you would be ready to accept it. In cases like this what you wanted to fix with the spell is a symptom of a greater problem and even if the spell worked for a short time it would not last because the underlying problem remains.

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