Candle Magick

Select a candle to represent your goal, use color symbolism if possible, and carve your spell desires into it with your ritual knife (in runes if you'd like). Rub the candle with the appropriate oil using your power hand to rub the oil and your other hand to twist the candle while wishing for your desires to come true. Rub from wick end to bottom if you desire to remove something, the opposite way if you wish to gain something.

Roll the herbed candle in the appropriate herbs and set it in its holder. Hold your hands on each side of the candle and mentally pour your thoughts of your goal into it. When you are ready, light the candle, and say similar to, "Candle of Power, Candle of Might, create my desires here on this night. Power stream from this candle's fire. Bring to me my heart's desire. My words have strength. The victory's done. So say I, this spell is done." Let the candle burn out. (Can be used for nearly everything.)