Cord Magick

Use thread of the color cord needed if the spell requires the cord to be disposed of. For spells that you want to last a long time (like binding spells) use thread and throw it into a river, bury it, or place it some place you know it won’t be disturbed. For other spells store the cord in a safe secret place and untie the knots and reuse after the spell manifests.

Hold cord and concentrate on what you want. Begin at one end of the cord and work to the other tying knots, saying, "By knot of 1 this spell is done. By knot of 2 it will come true. By knot of 3 my power shall be. By knot of 4 this power I store. By knot of 5 this spell is alive. By knot of 6 events I'll fix. By knot of 7 to Asgard's Heaven I send my spell for the gods to see, to give me aid and enlighten me. This spell goes out on wings of power to return full-grown in another hour."