Divination is the art of seeing into the possible future. There are many different kinds of divination, from the classic gazing into a crystal ball and tarot card reading to the more modern static gazing (where you gaze into a TV screen totally filled with static until images come to you). Each person will find that certain forms work for them while others do not work as well. Some people will even find that at the particular point in their lives that they are at they cannot use divination at all. Some people will have better reliability than others as well. It all stems from how open you are to the future. You have to be very careful not to see what you want to see, but to see what the possibilities are. And that is exactly what they are, possibilities. The future is not set in stone. It moves and flows like a body of water. Nearly everything you see can be changed if you want it to be. Even if you do not want it to change it still may due to other peoples' actions. This is why looking into the far future is a chancy and rather unreliable prospect.

I have listed and explained a few forms of divination (besides tarot which just about everyone has heard of) just to give you an idea of how wide the possibilities are. With some experimentation you should find a form that is right for you.

Divination Sections

Runic Divination

Crystal Divination

Fire Divination

Water Divination

Star Divination

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