Healing Spells


Gather a cord to tie around your waist and a chalice of pure, cool water. Cast the circle and invoke a healer God or Goddess. Meditate on your feelings about your illness or injury. Concentrate all of your negative feelings into the cord. Whisper to yourself, "Peace and love and healing wait without." Remove the cord and all it contains. Cast it away, shouting, "I release all anger fear and frustration."

Sit quietly for a while inhaling peace and relaxation. Remember how it feels to be healthy. Keep breathing deeply. Cup your hands and fill them with a ball of glowing rose colored light filled with health and strength. Keep breathing health into the ball until you can feel it. Slowly place the ball into the water filled chalice. Lift the chalice and say, "Great God and Goddess, I release my illness/injury and accept the blessings of health you offer me." Drink all of the water feeling all of its energy pouring through every cell in your body. End the circle. Get lots of rest, sun and exercise. Spend time with friends.


Draw a picture of yourself with the illness, wound, or condition. Draw it clearly (hammer to the head for a headache, black worms for a virus, etc.). Charge a red candle with healing energy and light it. Light the picture in the flame and drop it into a heatproof container. Keep the candle lit and draw a picture of yourself healing. Place it under the candle and let it burn out.


Go to the Wild, or if you can't have a plant or four plain stones (not crystals). Sit on the ground or place your hands on the plant or stone. Visualize the Earth from space, a bluish white sphere of positive, whole healed energy. Experience it as a living organism. When ready say this or similar, "Pure are the caves and the plains; Pure are the sod and the hills; Pure are the winds and the skies; Pure are the lakes and rills; Pure are the clouds and rains; Pure are the woods and trees; Pure are the valleys deep; Pure are the bays and seas."

Renew the visualization and then say, "Pure are the birds that fly; Pure are the hounds and bats; Pure are the fish and whales; Pure are the horses and cats; Pure are the owls and snakes; Pure are the stags and deer; Pure are the lizards green; Pure are all the creatures here."

Renew the visualization. Feel the Earth. Block out all thoughts of what we've done to the Earth. See the Earth as a healed, whole being. Say these words, or ones that come to you, "As I receive your, energy now receive mine."

Pour your personal power through your palms into the Earth, stones, or plant. Send it spiraling down into the planet lending it strength to survive. Give of yourself willingly for a few minutes while visualizing the planet hanging in the sky, strong pure and healthy. Get up and it is done. Place the stones or the plant on the ground outside so the Earth can absorb the energy.