Spells to Remove Negativity


Find a smooth round stone that is smaller than your fist and play soothing music. Cast the circle and sit holding the stone and listening to the music. Breathe deeply and rhythmically. Inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose with a long, steady hum. With each breathe draw out the hum and make it smoother. Breathe your tension and anxiety into the stone. When you feel calm and centered put the stone on the ground, open the circle and walk away. The stone will dissipate your tension into the earth. Retrieve in a day or two for later use. Meditate on the causes of the upset and eliminate them from your life or change your attitude towards them.


Sit outside at night and attune with your star of power. Visualize your problem, yourself wallowing in it, and feeding it energy until it is self-sustaining. Hold your arms out before you and cup your hands. Push the visualization down your arms into your hands. Break all connections with it. See your problem and its causes sitting in your hands. Say, "Blazing stars; Fiery stars; what was mine, now is yours." With a strong gesture separate your hands and fling your arms to the sky releasing the negativity to the stars. Repeat as needed.


Have a cauldron or goblet on the altar between 2 lit white candles. Burn a protection or blessing incense and wear a white robe if possible. Stand or sit before the altar and center yourself. Take the cauldron or goblet in both hands and hold it high over the altar in salute to the gods. Lower it to chest level and gently breathe each person, habit, and experience that you wish removed from your life. When you are finished turn the cauldron or goblet upside down on the altar saying, "The contents of this vessel I give to thee, Great Ones, exchange these experiences for better." Place offerings of herbs and milk outside or at least burn some herbs. Best done during the waning Moon.