I put this up just as an example of how involved spellwork can get. This is not for everyone. Most people I know like to keep their spells simpler than this, but it is a good example.


On the night before the Full Moon find a place where your altar will not be disturbed for 24 hours.

Put a red candle on the right of the cauldron, a black candle on the left, and a white candle in the back. Don't light them yet.

Sprinkle a mixture of equal parts elder blossoms, marjoram, mint, and rue in an unbroken circle around the cauldron.

Put equal parts of clove oil, frankincense, jasmine, and lavender oils into a tiny vial. Set the sealed vial in the cauldron and leave it there until the night of the Full Moon.

On the night of the Full Moon take a cleansing bath and robe yourself in white. Carry a good protective/purification incense through every room of the house, making certain that the smoke gets in top the closets too. Return to the altar, light the candles and cast your circle.

Take up your dagger or sword. Face the East and raise the weapon in salute (point up in front of you) and say, "By the power of the Rising Sun, all the evil in my life is done."

Salute the South and say, "By the power of the Noonday Blast, all the power is mine at last."

Salute the West and say, "By the power of the Darkening Night, my shield is strong, my armor tight."

Salute the North and say, "By Full Moon in blackened sky I am not alone. My help is nigh. The Goddesses hands are around me to stay, to keep me safe by night and day. Begone foul spirits, unbidden here. I send you back. I do not fear, for I have won. I am set free. You have no further power o'er me."

Face the altar and place a drop of the oil from the vial on your forehead, heart, solar plexus, wrists and ankles. As you do so visualize a shining blue suit of armor covering you until you are fully protected. Cap the vial and store in a safe place.

Thank the Powers for their help and extinguish the candles. Open the circle.

Apply the oil and repeat the suit of armor whenever you feel it slipping.