Tap the altar 3 times with your sword and say, "Life and death are yours to give, they are also yours to hold. There is no ending of this life. We are born into another mold. But all must be balanced and so must I. This I will ask by Earth and Sky." Tap the altar 3 more times and explain your need carefully and precisely. Be careful for your words will be taken literally.


Find a large leaf (preferably already off of the plant, if it is not ask the plant's permission to take it) and a pen. Go to a high place or wait until the wind blows. While visualizing your need draw a symbol of it on the leaf. Still visualizing, throw the leaf into the wind or from a high place. If the wind takes it the power has gone forth. If the wind does not take it, draw the same symbol on another leaf and try again.


During the day, walk along the beach until you find a stone, shell or any natural object that the water has left there. Hold it tight in your projective hand and visualize what you need. Push your personal power into the object and see the need as being fulfilled in your life. Stand facing the ocean, still holding the object. Let eight waves crash and subside, as the ninth wave breaks throw the object into the sea. Release the power and the visualization as you release the object. Let the sea swallow them.