Writing Spells

I have had many people ask me how to write spells and I believe you should be able to write your own spells before you cast spells, so here goes:

1. Learn the main parts that go into a spell. (Do some research, do not just email me and ask. Look at different spells and see what parts they have in them. Trust me, it is not hard if you actually try.)

2. Learn why a spell normally has those parts. (Think about it. What do the parts add to the spell? What are they meant to accomplish? Does the spell have to have them to be complete?)

3. Pick a type of spell. (Like healing or protection for example.)

4. Think about the possible ramifications of the spell (Who will it affect? Who MIGHT it affect without you meaning it to? Do these effects interfere with other people's lives? Would they be ok with them? Is the spell morally and ethically workable?) If it is specifically for someone, make sure to get their permission before hand.

5. Next check and see if it is general/specific enough. (i.e. if you need a car don't do a spell for a cherry red corvette, don't do a spell just for a car either, do one for a working reliable car)

6. Make sure you include a part at the end that thanks the spirit world for helping you. Be very polite and friendly. The spirit world is not your slave, but rather more like a friend and should be treated as such.

Always perform spellwork in a circle that you cast specifically to do so. It helps heighten the energy of the spell and protects you at the same time.