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Picture Frames

Picture frames come in oval, heart, and square openings. They fit three and a half by five-inch photographs. The heart is only horizontal; the other two need to be specified horizontal (wider sideways) or vertical (taller up and down). Personalizations or specific phrases other than those listed count as a customization.

Current themes are:

  • "It´s a Boy" written on a light blue frame with clouds and ducks
  • "It´s a Girl" written on a pink frame with white bows and hearts
  • "My Best Friend" written on a tan frame with brown dog paw prints
  • "I Love My Cat" written on a dark red frame with gray cats
  • "Happy Holidays" written on a green frame with winter time decorations (specific ones vary from frame to frame)
  • Celestial (dark blue frame with yellow orange crescent moons and stars)
  • "I Love You" written on a white heart frame with a red rose

Stamp themes(specific options in parentheses) : wedding/valentine (bouquet, linked rings, bell, bow, heart, lips, "love"), teacher (pencil, scissors, apple, schoolhouse, boy, girl), sports (soccer, football), natural (leaves, flowers), critters (frog, dolphin, ladybug, dragonfly, snail, bee, reindeer), celestial (large star, three stars, planet, creescent moon), ocean (shells), winter (snowflakes, reindeer, tree, tree with star on top, sleigh, wreath, peppermint, light bulb, mistletoe, snowman head), party (candle, party hat, bow, candy), Misc (happy faces, foot, angel), crackled (pick a base and accent color), sponged (pick a base and accent color)

To order either pick a frame shape and orientation and theme or specify frame color and personalization.

Theme frames are $10.00. Customized ones are $13.00.

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