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Cedar SachetsCedar is an aromatic bug repellant. These lace sachets are perfect for closets and drawers and are easily refilled when thier scent fades.

$1.50 each

Handmade PaperMy paper rounds are homemade from 100% post consumer recycled paper. Many colors and designs are available. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

$1.00 a round

Flannel SquaresThey are burp rags, dish towels, silver polishing rags, baby doll blankets, dust cloths, etc... They have a million uses. Flannel cloths come in a set of three. Colors are random, sorry.

$2.00 a set

Redwood Cone Ornaments are handpicked in Felton, California and come with either gold or silver hanging cords chosen randomly unless you specify when ordering. The cones are about one inch tall. You can have them made into earrings (pierced hooks) for a dollar more per pair. (A plain pair of earrings would be $3.00)

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$1.00 each/three for $2.00

Orange Slice Ornaments sound strange but look really nice. They come with either gold or silver hanging cords and red or green bows which are chosen randomly unless you specify when ordering. They are dehydrated and varnished, so please store in a cool, dry, preferably airtight place (ziplock bags work well) when not in use.

$1.50 each/three for $3.00

Present Ornaments Why not have presents on your tree too!

$1.50 each/three for $3.00

Mitten Ornaments $1.00 each / three for $2.00

Ribbon Candy Ornaments Remember ribbon candy? Well here it is in an ornament.

$1.50/three for $3.00

Stockings Felt stockings with various designs

$5.00 each

Hope Beads can be ornaments, bracelets, meditation beads or prayer beads. You can make them yourself or order them premade. Hope beads are based on the concept that certain colors mean certain things. Beads with colors that symbolize your hopes and fears are strung on a braid of three colors that symbolize your current strongest hopes. For instance if you have trouble speaking in public and really hope you can over come your fear of it you could use a blue bead. If you hope that your family will get along you could use a green bead. If you are feeling down you can think about the meaning behind the beads you have chosen and it will lift you back up.

Premade or made to order $3.00 each.

Kit $1.50

Color Symbolism

Black - protection, releasing, grounding, focusing, calming, solidity

Red - energizing, career goals, health, strength, courage, willpower

Pink - anti-depressant, peaceful, gentleness, true love, caring, nurturing, friendship, healing, affection, romance, togetherness

Orange - control of the situation, general success, legal matters, justice, encouragement, adaptability,

Yellow - ups male energy and willpower, lifts depression, memory, creativity, imagination, confidence, inspiration,

Green - generosity, prosperity, nurturing,calming, marriage, relationships, balance, fertility, abundance, money, good fortune, wealth, success, renewal,

Blue - truth, good fortune, inspiration,good health, happiness, peace, harmony in the home, fidelity, patience, healing, journeys or moves

Purple, Violet - lifts depression, releases stress, regality, success, idealism, wisdom, progress, protection,

White - harmony, healing, purity, spirituality, truth, sincerity, calmness, purity, peace

Gold - great fortune, understanding, financial benefits, male energies

Silver - removes negative powers, female powers, intuition, dreams

Napkin Rings hand painted metal ivy leaf or oval leaf napikin rings in sets of four or eight. They come green crackled, veined, or with a painted bumble bee or ledy bug.

set of four $6.00

set of eight $10.00

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