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Painted Pots

My pots are hand-painted and hand-stamped terra cotta pots. They are available to order to your specifications. The more information you give me as to what you want the more pleased you will be with the end product.

The pots come in large, medium, small and tiny all with ot without saucers.

Pots can be personalized with names or phrases, such as Happy Birthday for no extra charge.

Please pick plain, or base color and, if you want one) accent color.

Themes for stamped pots (specific options in parentheses) : wedding/valentine (bouquet, linked rings, bell, bow, heart, lips, "love"), teacher (pencil, scissors, apple, schoolhouse, boy, girl), sports (soccer, football), natural (leaves, flowers), critters (frog, dolphin, ladybug, dragonfly, snail, bee, reindeer), celestial (large star, three stars, planet, creescent moon), ocean (shells), winter (snowflakes, reindeer, tree, tree with star on top, sleigh, wreath, peppermint, light bulb, mistletoe, snowman head), party (candle, party hat, bow, candy), Misc (happy faces, foot, angel), crackled (pick a base and accent color), sponged (pick a base and accent color)

Large $10, w/saucer $12

Medium $7, w/saucer $9

Small $5, w/saucer $7

Tiny $3, w/saucer $5

Potpourri Pots

Potpourri pots are painted or unpainted terracotta pots filled with potpourri covered with tulle and tied with ribbon.

Large $3.50

Medium $2.50

Small $1.50

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