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Stuffed Toys

My stuffed toys are mainly made of remnant fabrics and are filled with polyester stuffing. Since they are made of remnants each one is different. If you want a specific fabric, mail me 3/4 yard with your order. If not BEFORE you order please email me with what type of fabric (baby print flannel, satin, or other) and a general color that you would prefer. You don't have to specify a type of fabric or color if you want to leave it up to me. It is also useful if you tell me any colors you really don't like as well. Second choices don't hurt either. I will let you know if there is anything available that might satisfy your desires.

Bear, Dog, Cat, or Duck $16.00

My stuffed toys are made with buttons so please use your common sense and best judgement when allowing small children to play with them.

Sample pre-order fabric check: I would like a Cat made of baby flannel in a pastel pink print. If you can't get it, I would like a light yellow. I do not want any dark colors or large amounts of blue.

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